Andrew Dolan

I'm a software engineer currently working on ClearPractice electronic medical records software. I have experience in collaborating with international teams, object-oriented programming, developing, testing and debugging code, designing web apps, and administering systems and websites. Right now I'm excited to be learning more about AWS development, advanced Python concepts, and resolving whitehat vulnerabilities.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Ticket Management and Time Estimation
  • Collaboration & Cross-Functional Teams


Launchcode St Louis

Designed for candidates with existing tech skills, the LiftOff program builds on a programmer's current foundation and takes it to the next level through creating a unique capstone project and improving application, interview and on-the-job skills during eight weeks of concentrated job-readiness training and support, tailored to what companies are looking for in a new tech hire.

  • User story mapping, project tracking, Git collaboration
  • Live whiteboard coding exercises
  • Agile sprints and weekly Scrum stand-ups

Twenty-week course designed to prepare students to become web developers, broken into three units:

  • Programming Fundamentals - Core, universal programming concepts with a focus on problem-solving with Python, providing the conceptual building-blocks that every programmer needs
  • Universal Web - The foundational elements of modern front and back-end web applications, including databases, MVC design, command-line usage and version control
  • Skill Track - Object-Oriented Programming in C# and ASP.NET MVC Applications, capstone assignment covering procedural C#, data types, defining classes and creating objects, class inheritance


Complete Python Bootcamp
Comprehensive course covering professional usage of Python 2 and 3

  • Object-oriented programming with classes
  • Using Jupyter Notebook to create GUIs
  • Advanced features such as collections module and timestamps
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Practical applications for Python scripts

  • Automate tasks by writing simple programs
  • Crawl websites and pull information from online sources
  • Programmatically generate and update Excel spreadsheets.

Moberly Area Community College

Associate of Arts
General Studies


    · Capstone project for LaunchCode Liftoff

    · Planned with User Stories and a Trello board

    · Built in Python with Flask framework, MySQL database, CSS and Bootstrap styling

    · Developed with Agile methodology and weekly in-class Scrum stand-ups

    · Users add, rate, and review music albums listened to, view other users’ albums

    · User sign-up and password validation built from scratch

    · Final class assignment for LaunchCode LC101

    · Types of cheese are added, sorted into type categories and menus

    · Uses EntityFrameworkCore to configure individual classes and object-relational mapping

    · Built in C# with ASP.NET Model-View-Control architecture (MVC)


Associate Software Engineer


Develop ClearPractice EMR application through researching, designing, and deploying solutions. Work with cross-functional team members to collaborate on all phases of the Agile software development life-cycle. Follow design and development practices of OOP principles and data access methodologies primarily using Python, C#, ASP.NET, and SQL.




Collaborated with a world-wide team using Bitrix for ticket management and time estimation. Created and maintained company websites and social network using HTML and CSS on Drupal framework . Developed and manage Mailchimp email and social media campaigns on multiple platforms to promote international events and seminars. Implemented company policies, technical procedures and standards for preserving the integrity and security of data, reports and access.

Assistant Manager

The Textbook Game

Operated ecommerce platforms, email accounts, spreadsheets and websites for online sales and fulfillment. Upgraded and maintained software, modified and repaired hardware and resolved technical issues. Trained and supervised employees in a wide variety of customer service and inventory tasks. Effectively managed all administrative responsibilities for a small business.

Donations and Volunteer Coordinator

City of Refuge

Created and managed Wordpress website, social media accounts and time and finance-tracking spreadsheets. Recruited, trained, and managed over fifty volunteers, coordinated activities, donation drives, and fundraisers . Raised and delivered vehicle, household, and food donations for more than one hundred refugee families. Worked closely with organizations, individual businesses and government agencies to advocate for the international refugee population.

Food Co-op Coordinator

Missouri Rural Crisis Center

Administered and updated organization’s Wordpress websites, Mailchimp email account, social media accounts, operating systems and hardware. Developed and implemented a variety of strategies to promote local nonprofit projects. Supervised members to create orders and distribution programs for seven low-income rural communities.

Tech Advisor

Apple Inc

Identified and solved technical issues with a variety of diagnostic tools. Provided educational IT support for Apple computers, devices and software. Utilized ticket management and time-tracking software to serve customers remotely. Remained up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions applicable to company products.

ESL Instructor

Xiamen China, Jeju South Korea, Mae Sot Thailand, Remote


ESL Tutor

Columbia, MO


High School and Adult Education Teacher

Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand

summer 2013, spring 2014, summer 2016